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Work more smoothly with your subcontractors and partners.

The eTrans Partner Portal

A partner portal can be set up within eTrans. This portal has the function of guiding the invoicing of the orders executed by your subcontractors.

The portal is configured in the style of your company.

The standard process is as follows:

  • Step 1: You group the executed transport orders on one reference so that they are ready for inspection by the subcontractor.
  • Step 2: The subcontractor logs in to the partner portal and checks whether the prices/costs have been calculated or entered correctly.
  • Step 3: In case of discussion, the subcontractor can submit a request for inspection or adjustment via the portal.
  • Step 4: In case of discussion, you can make the necessary adjustments to the order so that the correct prices are registered.
  • Step 5: If everything is approved by the subcontractor, he can prepare his invoice with your reference and upload or send it via the portal.

Both parties benefit from a quick and efficient follow-up of the executed assignments. You no longer lose extra time to unravel incoming invoices and compare them with the executed orders.

Interested? Request more information through your commercial contact!