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Logistic shipment monitoring with the eConnect Control Tower.

Using real-time information from the vehicle, eConnect Order Execution Monitoring interprets the status of a shipment fully automatically and gives you a status of the progress of all transport orders without user interaction.

The live reporting on the various journeys and accompanying reports, allows you as a decision maker to take immediate action when something goes wrong. Thanks to a quick response, you can always make last-minute changes and adjust future identical shipments immediately.

By means of “management by exception” you can focus on movements that threaten to go wrong and make adjustments up to the last mile.

Order Execution monitoring

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Fastest growing platform

The eConnect platform is the fastest growing platform for collaboration and monitoring of processes – in a standard and uniform manner – in Europe. With eConnect, keep full control when executing up assignments and stay up-to-date when something goes wrong, even for assignments that you also outsource to a subcontractor.

Through “management by exception”, you can focus on transports that might go wrong and make adjustments up to the very last mile.

Management of your logistics orders, automatic monitoring of arrival times (ETA), management of the occupation of loading or unloading places … These are just a few examples of the possibilities that eConnect offers you.


  • Automatic route calculation based on execution times using hub and route geofences
  • Real-time evaluation of ETA and ETD, taking into account traffic information
  • Checking the occupancy rate of loading or unloading places
  • Automatic recognition of vehicles carrying out orders
  • Simple allocation of vehicles via portal, integration, mail, …


  • Automatic registration of arrival and departure
  • Expected arrival and departure times on location
  • Security Monitoring;
  • Planned versus Current comparison
  • Route Geofencing
  • Deviation from time windows
  • Temperature control
  • Integration of traffic (optional)
  • CO2 monitoring;
  • Integration of status messages
  • Route guidelines
  • Exchange of documents and notes
  • Real-time follow-up of technical integrations

Reliable information in real time


How to connect?

To ensure the best interactivity, simply connect to eConnect via APIs, existing telematics integrations, TMS connections or via our mobile applications.


Automatic Vehicle Allocation

eConnect detects the assets that carry out an assignment for these shipments to which no vehicle has been assigned. We use advanced functions to send the carrier to confirm this detection.


Talking figures

By providing the right information, we ensure that you learn and can adjust your business process. Increase your ROI and lower your costs with this learning platform.

Through the right dashboard, with detailed insights in the graphs, you can show the performance of your fleet.



eConnect checks before, during and after the execution of an assignment. Our automatic alarming – through different channels – ensures the timely allocation of vehicles, the working communication of telematics and the early or late arrival times are communicated.

Connected Telematics and Software Partners

We strongly believe that the follow-up of transport orders that you carry out or outsource to subcontractors can be monitored in real time. When you use the telematics solutions that your partners already have on board, we ensure that they are integrated, to give you the best insights, regardless of the solution used. That is why we opt to have the telematics partners of the companies you work with connect to our eConnect Platform.

Geen telematica oplossing aan boord?

Met Connect App kan men statusinformatie over opdrachten – ook voor transportbedrijven of onderaannemers zonder boordcomputer – in real-time uitwisselen (posities, aankomst en vertrek, begin en einde van een actie, ETA, …).

eConnect verbindt verschillende transportondernemingen, onderaannemers en andere service providers in de logistieke keten, volledig onafhankelijk van om het even welk telematica systeem.

“Zowel de klant als vervoerder kan op elk moment de status van een opdracht raadplegen. Afwijkingen in de logistieke keten worden gevisualiseerd in het controle centrum, zodat elke partij onmiddellijk kan reageren. De kwaliteit van samenwerking en aangeboden diensten kan op elk moment worden geoptimaliseerd, daar elke activiteit meetbaar is.”

Sven Claessens, managing director