eTrans Transport Management Software
eConnect Control Tower en Order Sharing
Boordcomputer en telematica eMobile

eTrans TMS

Your transport management solution available wherever you are, without a big investment against a monthly payable price, helps your company to work professionally and increases your return by taking the right decisions.


Share shipments with your subcontractors and update your customers during the execution. eConnect is the revolution within transport interchange systems, allowing you to automate and optimize collaboration. Manage your charters as if they are your own drivers.

eMobile app

A professional telematics solution enables you to take control over the performance of your drivers and vehicles.  All information is available in real-time.  This way, you can locate and follow-up your vehicles, trailers and loads very efficiently.

EuroTracs is a solution provider and consultancy company for the transport, mobility and logistic sector.

Within our organisation, we are specialised in offering following services:

Solutions for transport, logistics and fleet management, with a focus on delivering platforms and related services like telematics and on-board computer products, shipment sharing and monitoring solutions.

Project based development and implementation within the world of transport, logistics and mobility based on 20 years of experience in those sectors and a variety of organisations.


Solutions for the shipper

You want to share your shipments on-line and get informed in real-time about the progression in a uniform way? Your a looking for a management by exception solutions, to focus on exceptional situations? eConnect offers here the right solution to optimize your process.


Solutions for the carrier

Today, you need to perform a lot of administrative tasks in your transport company. If you want to optimize this, and simplify your administrative tasks, then we can help you wit eTrans, eMobile and eConnect.


Solutions for the charter

Your customers wants to get real-time information during the execution of his assignments? You don’t use a TMS or Telematics solutions? Then we can still help your to deliver better quality.