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Exchange of transport orders in a uniform way

The eConnect Order Exchange Gateway allows you to manage transport orders that you assign to selected transport or logistics companies via the eConnect platform.

Thanks to the Multi-level order exchange platform, you as a transport company can easily subcontract subcontractors, but still maintain control over your shipments.

Today, it is possible for the shipper, the transport company and the recipient to share orders and shipments with subcontractors, and keep an overview of the execution of these. This in order to guarantee the highest quality during the execution of a transport order. In addition, more and more flexibility is expected from the transport company and its subcontractor.

Order Exchange Gateway

Want to know more about our eConnect Order Exchange Gateway?


Within the eConnect platform, all actors in the logistics chain can exchange orders and status information in a universal manner. eConnect ensures that the correct information is available throughout the entire supply chain, and that the execution of an order is monitored and updated in real time.

The eConnect Order Exchange Gateway ensures that each party makes a contribution to the qualitative processing of information during an assignment, and that everyone is up-to-date. This avoids mistakes and controls business processes more efficiently.


  • Independent of Telematics system or on-board computer
  • Independent of TMS or ERP system
  • Multi-level exchange of shipments and orders
  • Limited investment
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Better quality through cooperation between sender, carrier and recipient
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Transparent costs
  • Use of existing interfaces

Real-Time visibility for all logistics partners

Customer Satisfaction

Less administrative errors

Digitized exchange with eConnect reduces administrative errors. By automatic integration of shipments you avoid discussions about recorded times, products, material and all important parts of an order.

One truth

Real-Time updates

Multi-level sharing of information in an automated way means that all parties have the same information. By sharing PODs, documents, invoices, you do not stop your business process and you can better streamline your administration.


Engage your partners quickly

Due to the many integration options that eConnect offers, both to ERP / TMS platforms and telematics systems, your subcontractor can be quickly engaged in the administrative logistics chain.

Real-Time Delivery

Automatic monitoring

Thanks to Order Execution Monitoring you keep your finger on the pulse. By means of a position we offer you the best monitoring and you will be alerted in case of problems. This control tower functionality only lets you focus on what is potentially going wrong.


For all parties involved

eConnect ensures that all parties – including indirect parties – can follow up their shipments perfectly and obtain the necessary information in real time. Fewer phones or email exchange through a ‘management by exception’ solution.

No telematics solution on board?

With the Connect application, you can exchange status information on orders - also for transport companies or subcontractors without an on-board computer - in real time (positions, arrival and departure, start and end of a action, ETA, ...).

eConnect links various transport companies, subcontractors and other service providers in the supply chain, completely independent of any telematics system.

“The customer and the carrier can consult the status of an order at any time. Deviations in the supply chain are visualized in the control center, so that each party can react immediately. The quality of the collaboration and the services offered can be optimized at any time, because each activity is measurable. "

Christiaan Bert, managing director