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Optimize the Supply Chain and increase your quality standards

Exclude potential interruptions in your communication to optimize supply chain processes and ensure your quality standards. Our services support your process, regardless of which telematics system, transport management system or business software you use, from any time-slot booking to delivery.

By using the available means of transport in the most optimized way, saving fuel, reducing CO2 emissions, and reducing delivery times, EuroTracs brings you closer to your goal. Through a cloud-based control center, our open web platform eConnect provides you and all parties within the logistics chain automated follow-up, from collection to delivery.

Collaboration and transparency in the logistics chain

Working integrations with more than 370 telematics and TMS / ERP providers, and proven references in the market.


More transparency in your logistics process

  • Exchange orders and updates uniformly
  • Automated tracking of shipments
  • Proactive alarms
  • Detailed insights
  • Pro-active follow-up of ETAs and statuses
  • Streamlined collaboration and increased efficiency
  • One truth in the entire chain
  • Lower costs, better services
  • Easy to connect
More than 370 connected telematics solutions
More than 200.000 shipments monitored per month
More than 3000 connected carriers
60 mio.
More than 60 mio. positions per day

Uniform exchange of transport orders

Today it is possible for the shipper, the transport company and the recipient to share orders and shipments with subcontractors, while still keeping an overview of the execution; and this in order to guarantee the highest quality during the execution of a transport order.

In addition, more and more flexibility is expected from the transport company and its subcontractor, and eConnect ensures that all parties can use the added value of eConnect in their own operations.


Shipment monitoring with the eConnect Control Tower.

The live reporting on the various trips and accompanying reports, allows you as a decision maker to take immediate action when something goes wrong. Thanks to a quick response, you can always make last-minute changes and adjust future identical shipments immediately.

By means of “management by exception” you can focus on movements that threaten to go wrong and make adjustments up to the last mile.



Order exchange Gateway | Order Execution monitoring | eConnect app

for the shipper

Would you like to share your shipments on-line and receive real-time updates in a uniform manner? Are you looking for solutions to focus on exceptional situations? eConnect offers the necessary tools to optimize your processes.

for the carrier

Today, as a transport company, you have many administrative tasks to fulfill. If you wish to optimize this, and simplify your administration through integration, we can help you with eTrans, eMobile and eConnect

for the charter

Does your customer want more real-time information during the execution of an assignment? You do not use transport management software or telematics solutions in your companies?


eConnect reference in the spotlight

Gefco selects the eConnect platform from EuroTracs for the follow-up and monitoring of their transport orders.

Gefco strives for continuous improvement of their services to their customers as well as better cooperation with their partners. To further expand this in the future, the choice was made for eConnect from EuroTracs after an intensive test period.

eConnect provides Gefco with the necessary insights during the execution of their orders by subcontractors. By using hundreds of subcontractors, with more than 300 different telematics systems, this was a great challenge for Gefco.


Better transparency in the Supply Chain for Den Hartogh

EuroTracs introduced the eConnect platform at Den Hartogh Logistics. Den Hartogh Logistics is a leading logistics service provider for the (petro) chemical industry. The internationally operating company has experienced strong growth in the last two decades and is active in 24 countries with 43 locations / offices.

With the eConnect configuration, Den Hartogh Logistics improves service provision to customers by realizing more ‘Supply Chain Visibility’. With eConnect, concrete monitoring is done of which shipments are potentially at risk of not reaching certain time slots. In this way, the necessary corrective measures are taken proactively and customers are offered the best service.

Den Hartogh uses eConnect to deploy charters in order to optimize their services efficiently.

Den Hartogh Logistics