Transport Management Software (TMS) Control your orders, planning and to optimize your logistic business processes eTrans TMS

Efficient transport automation with eTrans as TMS solution.

eTrans is the transport management software for every company, that needs to manage and optimize the dispatching and execution of their transport orders in an efficient way. Based on 15 years of experience eTrans is a revolutionary solution based on the latest technologies.

This software platform enables your company to enjoy all the benefits of eTrans without the need to invest in expensive software licenses and the related hardware infrastructure.

Within our transport management solution, you only pay for the services you have used during a month. If you only plan or communicate with a part of your fleet, you will only pay for those vehicles which are actually used.

eTrans tries to optimize transport management in every company in a financial transparent way, without high initial investments.

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eTrans TMS is the solution for optimizing transport-critical processes for every transport company or organization with transport-related activities.



  • Pay as you use
  • Low initial investment
  • Fast start-up
  • Branch specific calculation modules
  • Software As A Service
  • Integration with well-known telematics providers
  • Integration with PTV mapsoftware
  • Contineouis development of new functionalities available for everyone…


  • Full Truck Load (FTL)
  • Less then Full Truck Load (LTL)
  • Groupage
  • Express
  • Bulk
  • Distribution
  • Container;

Some functionalities

Fleet management

Manage your vehicles, drivers, trailers and other active assets.  Keep control over the expiry dates of licenses, technical checkup and maintenance.  Be aware of the latest positions of your vehicles, and manage the driving style of your drivers within eTrans.


Order Entry

Order entry is made possible directly within the TMS platform.  Easy selection of customers, locations, products and other items, allows you to detail all information.

But also through integration, import and other possibilities, orders can be registered in an efficiënt way.



Make a clear schedule with detailed graphical planning boards and follow-up the status. Schedule orders, separate actions from orders or create a trip with combined actions.

This can be done at a glance within the transport management system eTrans, using drag and drop functionality.


Direct communication with your assets

Dispatch your transport orders to your drivers and stay in touch with your assets in real-time. eTrans integrates with different telematics solutions to track your vehicles, monitor driver performance and to follow the progress of the assignments.

Sales and invoicing

Direct insights in the costs and revenues per shipment guarantees the right view on your margin.  eTrans enables fast invoicing of your orders and you can compare the incoming invoices with your defined cots.  For every type of transport, we provide the right calculation method.

Salary management

Pre-salary calculations based on trip events from your connected on-board computer. Automated or manual corrections . Interfacing with different payroll software solutions, …

Comprehensive management of sales and purchase prices

Both on the sales and purchase side, we offer very flexible modules for managing your prices and extra costs.

Customer portal

Offer your customers the right tool to register and follow up their orders.

Let the customer consult his proof of delivery, add information, …


Integration via APIs, FTP and other possibilities

Use our integration tools to import orders, provide updates to external systems, etc. Using a documented platform, you can exchange data from or with external systems.

Advanced planning with eTour

eTour makes you a planning proposal, taking into account your parameters, and calculates the most complex routes.

This way you always ensure the best basic planning.


Partner portal

If you work with subcontractors, eTrans also allows you to share information with these partners.

We also provide self-billing options for your partners to automate your administration.

Detailled map software

Our TMS and FMS solution is equipped with the most modern map software. In this way, you can consult all information (messages, orders, planning), but also give your end customer temporary access to follow up their orders.


Gain insight into your business operations, with our dashboard components. Not some nice graphs, but detailed information that helps you with your choices.

… and so many more features to support your business.

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eTrans reference in the spotlight

Aernouts Logistics Support (Wommelgem) has won the Truck ICT Award during the Transport & Logistics Awards!

For a small company, Aernouts Logistics Support has all the assets of a large company when you analyze IT systems. The key word here is “process automation”, a concept that has enabled the company, which specializes in bicycle transport and custom transport, to continue to grow.

The family business – founded in 1990 – is mainly known for delivering high quality within the logistics world. In order to optimize these qualitative services, and to strengthen them even more, it is a priority for this company to automate even more.