eMobile, the telematics solution for your business process Control your orders, planning and to optimize your logistic business processes Boordcomputer

The professional boardcomputer and telematics solution for transport.

When using the flexibility and capability of the eMobile board computer, you obtain full control within your company. The eMobile telematics application is a flexibel solution, delivering you more than today’s in-cab solutions.

“The eMobile App is the on-board computer that supports your business process and not just by sending messages! When you use the flexibility and possibilities of this telematics solution, you keep control over your company”. The App ensures that the business process does not stop in the vehicle or even when the driver is working outside the cabin. It is important for the transport and logistics sector to be able to properly manage both own drivers and subcontractors, without having to make concessions on functionality and quality.

But above all, our telematics solutions works on a tablet or smartphone without having to make heavy investments, and you only pay when this telematics solution is used. eMobile app, the on-board computer Application is easy to operate and offers the same and more functionalities as the fixed on-board computer that you know today.

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For every transport company, eMobile is the on-board computer for controlling the daily business.


eMobile Online

Our eMobile Online portal provides user-friendly access to all information and real-time monitoring of all your operational vehicles at any time. The information you can obtain includes real-time tracking, positions, overview of all vehicle and driver activities, up-to-date information from the digital tachograph, etc. You can also make use of our detailled map with the complete history of the positions, calculation of routes and a status overview of the assignments to be carried out.

The communication functionalities allow you to respond quickly to your drivers, and to consult the interaction between the dispatch and those drivers. The ability to download ECO Reports for both the vehicle and the driver ensures that the eMobile Online Portal together with the eMobile On-board computer are indispensable for every modern transport company that wants to monitor its activity in real time.
eMobile Truck Box E

The Android Telematica App – Efficiency for the future

Our eMobile App is already on the market from 2001, and makes it possible to monitor and control your fleet in a fast, simple and flexible way.

  • No long-term contracts;
  • Modular pay-per-use pricing and billing;
  • Based on the latest standards for mobile and fixed on-board computers;
  • Quick and easy to startup;
  • Installation immediately in the vehicle or usable as a mobile solution;

eMobile TruckBox E


  • provides all telemetry data through the FMS interface
  • remote download of data from the digital tachograph
  • switch-off delay when the ignition is off
  • data transfer also possible without an Android device
  • connection to Android device via Bluetooth or WLAN / WLAN hotspot
  • package contents: TruckBox E, GPS / GSM antenna, universal cabling with 12-pin connector

eMobile App Functions

Track en Trace
Track & Trace

Detailled positions

Precise tracking of routes of your vehicles, where you immediately see the most important information.


Enhanced communication

Discover the possibilities to set up real-time communication with your driver, to send attachments and photos, …

Time registration

Tracking driver activities

Use our modern time registration to analyze your driver activities and to manage them according to the assignments

Driving and working times

Detailed overviews

Get a quick and clear overview of the remaining driving and resting times of your drivers

Remote Tacho Download

Remote and regular download

Use remote download and save time and avoid errors by automatically reading the digital tachograph.

Document management

The right info in the right place

Immediately share important documents with your drivers on-line and link them to work, messages or other actions to be performed.


Check and measure

Define and communicate important checklists with your drivers, for one-off or recurring tasks, training, surveys, …

ECO and FMS Analysis

Better results

Motivate your employees to better adapt their driving style, and achieve better results and win as a transport company


Your salary preparation automated

Create daily or weekly hourly reports, as well as salary reports for your drivers. Integrate with your salary software and also optimize your process to your directors.


The right way

Integrated navigation for better route optimization.

Points of interest

Keep track of important locations

Navigate your drivers to defined places such as petrol stations, garage, … and be alerted when certain locations are visited.

Secured internet access

Keep control

Define which websites or web applications your driver can consult.

External applications

Your apps in one environment

Install those apps that your driver can use to perform his tasks better.

Document & Barcode Scanning

The right package

Scan important documents and send them directly as a PDF from the vehicle. Use barcode scanning for parcel tracking.

Trailer management

Waar zijn mijn assets

Koppel trailers manueel of automatisch, met de geïntegreerde trailer telematics oplossing en weet waar uw assets zicht bevinden..

eMobile reference in the spotlight

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