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TYM Transport & Logistique

eTrans and eMobile support the wide range of logistics activities of TYM Transport

TYM Transport has been carrying out specialised transport and logistics services for professionals in the Loiret region (France) for nearly 10 years. They make this service a real point of honour. What started out as express deliveries was quickly expanded to include tailor-made round trips and freight transport. In a later phase, storage space was also made available to professionals and companies.

For freight transport, a network of subcontractors was developed that meets the high quality requirements also applied to the company’s own fleet. The follow-up of the orders is ensured in the same way as for the own vehicles, the subcontractors must be equipped with the geo-localisation.

Some important figures :

TYM Transport employs more than 20 people who deliver to 50000 customers per year. The 50 vehicles, half of which are owned by the company, cover a total of 2.8 million km per year. The two warehouses guarantee 1100m2 of storage space.

In order to meet the ever-increasing quality requirements of these various logistics processes, TYM Transport opted for the progressive solutions of EuroTracs. From the Transport Management System eTrans all orders are processed and planned. The eMobile app was chosen for the dynamic execution of the various workflows and the real-time communication. This allows both the customer and the planner to receive the most up-to-date information about the order at all times.

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