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Real-time tracking with the eConnect App

The eConnect App together with the eConnect platform, allows your carriers to share oposition and status information with you in real time. This way you always know where your goods are located, what the ETA is at the various locations and at what time the goods are loaded or delivered.

eConnect App

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Logistical transparency

eConnect integrates existing telematics or on-board computer solutions, so that the transport company can use its current data flow to offer more transparency in the logistics chain. In this way, the driver does not have to operate multiple systems. eConnect App is only used there when the driver does not have his own telematics solution, or when subcontractors are deployed.

The eConnect app enables you to:

As a shipper

to communicate with the transport companies or subcontractors you engage, and who do not have an on-board computer, to shhare real-time information about your shipments;

As a transport company

if you do not have an on-board computer to provide real-time information to your client, or if you engage subcontractors who do not have a telematics solution, also to share position and status information with you;

As a charter

to share information regarding the shipments with your client, such as positions, statuses, comments and documents, during the execution of an assignment.

The most important features of eConnect App to track your orders!

The eConnect App is not an on-board computer that, in addition to order management, also offers solutions for driving and rest times, workflows, eco information, etc., but offers a solution that makes it possible to communicate all information regarding a shipment. This is mainly to provide detailed information in real time during the execution of a transport order.

What important functionalities do we offer:

  • Communicating an assignment: you receive detailed information about the assignment via your smartphone;
  • Positions: when executing the assignment, the positions of the shipment are always communicated with the eConnect platform. In this way, all parties involved in the shipments (customer, shipper, transport company, carrier, …) can always check where the goods are located;
  • Messages: both the contractor and the client can send information to or from the eConnect App so that important information about the assignment is communicated in real time;
  • Attachments: if you need to send documents or images regarding the order, this can be done in real time from the home base, or from the car. Just think of photos about damage, the CMR and other information;
  • Statuses: at any location where you need to perform an action, you can report your arrival, start and end of order and departure with one push of a button;
  • ETA: you can always report the expected arrival times in real time;