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The logistic chain, one view, one truth

Where are my goods at this moment? Get notified in real-time about the status of your shipments, and deliver the best quality to your customers pro-actively.

Get real-time insights in ETA, positioning of your movements, and alert the right stakeholders automatically and directly to prevent problems. Based on years of knowledge of the logistic chain, your customer satisfaction and productivity will increase …

For who?

eConnect to optimize the supply chain and increase quality standards

For shippers, For Carriers, For Logistic Providers, For end-customers

connected telematics solutions
monitored shipments per month
connected carriers
60 mio.
real-time processed positions per day



Order Sharing and Shipment monitoring
Share orders as a shipper or as a Transport Company
Multi-Level subcharting
Use charters with one-time updates on the different levels
Orders with sector specific and dynamic fields
Integrations with TMS and ERP solutions
Open API-Platform to integrate
Telematics integrations
Open API-Platform with data push and pull functionalities
Integration with 3rd party platforms
We deliver - even anonymously - required data to your customers
Real-Time traffic integration
Shipper and Carrier driven solutions
Guaranteed private data solution
Guaranteed private data solution
We don't sell data, and distribute only shipment related info
Specific views for shipper, carrier and charter
Automatic Vehicle Allocation
Detection of vehicles executing shipments
Extended alerting mechanisms
Full-dynamics configurable for email and sms
Dashboards telling the story
Deep-dive in your information
End-Customer functionalities and integration
Bring even more quality to the end customer
End-customer views
Depot management
Routing guidelines

How to connect?

To ensure the best interactivity, simply connect to eConnect via API’s, existing telematics integrations, TMS connections or via our mobile applications.


Automatic Vehicle Allocation

eConnect detects the assets that carry out an assignment for these shipments to which no vehicle has been assigned. We use advanced functions to send the carrier to confirm this detection.


Talking figures

By providing the right information, we ensure that you learn and can adjust your business process. Increase your ROI and lower your costs with this learning platform.

Through the right dashboard, with detailed insights in the graphs, you can show the performance of your fleet.



eConnect checks before, during and after the execution of an assignment. Our automatic alarming – through different  channels – ensures the timely allocation of vehicles, the working communication of telematics and the early or late arrival times are communicated.

Improved customer satisfaction

Enhanced quality insurrance

Inform your customers in a proactive way, about the positions of their goods and the ETA on their shipments.

Better Automation

Integrations meets collaboration

Give the opportunity to all stakeholders related to a shipment to automate and integrate in a smoother way to help each other’s requirements.

Increased on-time delivery

Increased revenues

By real-time monitoring and pro-active alarming, you only need to focus on those shipments having problems.  This way you improve the on-time delivery of your transportation activities.

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