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TBox: follow your trailers in real time and worldwide


  • Worldwide location of your trailers
  • Trip detection via ignition and GPS speed
  • Waterproof IP67 housing
  • Internal SD card for offline data storage
  • Messages are sent to eTrans via GPRS

The EuroTracs TBox guarantees permanent worldwide tracking. The small intelligent GPS tracker records GPS messages and sends them in real-time to eTrans.  The housing (IP67) of the EuroTracs TBox is waterproof.

GPS messages are recorded based on time and direction. The information is then sent to eTrans via GPRS. Every 2 minutes on the home network, when roaming, a current position of the vehicle is transmitted to eTrans every 5 minutes.  In addition, a further travel interval message is issued when the direction of travel changes by more than 18 °.

Trailer Telematics

In eTrans, the received information is presented in a user-friendly way.  It is also possible that messages are sent via our web services to your personal trailer management system.

The driving or standing recognition takes place via a motion and GPS sensor. When these sensors detect driving, the EuroTracs TBox periodically sends trip-interval messages. When the vehicle is stationary and the ignition is switched off, the EuroTracs TBox switches to DeepSleep mode after 5 minutes. In this mode, the GPS is deactivated and a minimum energy consumption is achieved, so that the vehicle battery is no longer used.

A back-up battery ensures that messages can be sent to eTrans for up to 15 minutes after the ignition is turned off.

An integrated SD memory card ensures that all messages are recorded. Messages recorded during an “offline phase” will be sent later.