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Your cleaning station automated

The eTrans Cleaning Module ensures that your cleaning stations are fully automated administratively. This applies to cleaning assignments that have to be carried out for your own fleet of vehicles and trailers, as well as for external customers who use your cleaning station.

With eTrans cleaning you can fully manage and automate the following services:

  • Registration of cleaning orders by those responsible for your cleaning station
  • Scheduling your flushing orders across cleaning stations at different locations
  • Using different car washes
  • Registration of flushing orders by your customers or by the driver via the eTrans Cleaning App
  • Driver guidance through SMS
  • Printing of cleaning certificates
  • Invoicing of the executed orders

This solution can be used as a complete standalone application or integrated from the eTrans TMS system. In this way, the transport planning department can immediately use the necessary registration of cleaning orders.

Ease-of-use registration

  • Easy management of vehicles and trailers during the registration of orders;
  • Drag and drop planning of assignments across different car washes;
  • Fully dynamically configure:
  • Predefined washing programs
    • FCA, EFTCO and ADR registration
  • Defining the actions with time and temperature
  • Detailed statement of:
    • New to load or previous products with UN codes and GMP information
    • Separate management of compartments on a trailer
    • Assigning login and password for returning cars and drivers
  • Option for external customers to pre-register flushing orders
  • eTrans Cleaning App for drivers to create cleaning jobs from the cab
  • Price definitions of flushing orders per customer, per type of cleaning, per program.

Registration via the eTrans Cleaning App or Kiosk

Registration via app

When a customer logs in to your cleaning stations, he can very easily register his order, with all the features needed to carry out the cleaning order, as well as the information needed for the cleaning document.

Approach via SMS

When registering the cleaning orders and scheduling these orders at a car wash, the driver is automatically notified to go to the right place. This at the time of planning his cleaning order.

eTrans TMS integrated

The eTrans cleaning module can be used completely autonomously. If you also use eTrans as TMS, the cleaning assignments can also be controlled from the planning, and you can define priority handling of assignments for this.


Possibility of price definitions per customer up to product and program level. Complete invoicing module for easy administrative processing of cleaning orders.