Boordcomputer en telematica eMobile

A professional boardcomputer and telematics solution supporting your business processes.

When using the flexibility and capability of the eMobile board computer, you obtain full control within your company. The eMobile telematics application is a flexibel solution, delivering you more than today’s in-cab solutions.

We are your professional partner for modern, user-oriented telematics. Our software solutions are based on years of industry knowledge, and will help you manage all the relevant areas of your transport company.

Our specialists will also help you with the planning and implementation of a high-performance system specifically tailored for the management of your fleet.

eMobile App Features

Track and TraceMessagingWorking and Driving timesRemaing driving time
Track and TraceMessagesTime TrackingRemaining Driving Time
Remote Download Tacho & DriverDocument ManagementTasksECO & FMS Analysis
Salary time sheetsTruck NavigationPoints of InterestPhone Book
Secured InternetExternal Applications

Functionalities at a glance

eMobile App Telematics and On-board computer solution

eMobile is for every transport company, focussing on process-driven telematics the solution.