Automatic Vehicle Assignment (AVA)

By February 8, 2018 General news, eConnect

Automatic Vehicle Assignment (AVA)

eConnect Order Execution Monitoring ensures that the parties involved within the logistics chain are alerted to problems during the execution of transport orders.

The vehicles involved are always monitored in real time. Within the eConnect platform, the vehicles can easily be assigned to the transport orders that they have to carry out.

As the eConnect platform is an important ‘management by exception‘ tool for many companies, which ensures better control of the logistics flows, and a learning platform to optimize future logistics movements, it is important that all transport orders are monitored. This requires that the executive vehicle is known for every order.

Today, the new functionality of eConnect ensures that monitoring is also possible for transport orders where no vehicle is connected. For this purpose, the platform uses the AVA (Automatic Vehicle Assignment) algorithm, in which all possible candidates are continuously compared with the shipments to be carried out. The algorithm then assigns the right vehicle to the transport order and will also follow this choice. eConnect ensures that these assignments also have the necessary information, without human intervention, so that you can anticipate potential problems during execution.

The better you can analyze all your assignments, the more efficiently you can plan your future assignments!

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