Solutions for transport, logistics and mobility

EuroTracs is convinced to help transport companies in organising and automating their administrative needs to optimise their business processes, by implementing our solutions.

Implementing IT solutions in a company, whether it is in logistics or another sector, doesn’t only mean installing an application. It means that the specific company and sector needs must be analyzed.  That is why EuroTracs is not known as a box mover of applications, but we think together with you to make the right choices.

In addition to our own solutions, for which you can find more information on this site, we have the expertise to build technical solutions related to:

  • the mobile sector;
  • the transport sector;
  • logistics industry;
  • solutions that are related to communication and positioning of objects;
  • monitoring and building alarm systems where communication is an important issue;
  • software applications with strong card integration.

For this we are your partner for:


Client / Server based applications


Web applications using various modern techniques


Mobile applications (tablet, phone, …)


Back office development for mass data processing

EuroTracs has developed a strong expertise in these areas by working for various types of companies such OmniTRACS, Belgacom, bpost, Fujitsu etc. With 20-years of experience in various projects and technical relationships, we are always looking to share our knowledge. We are convinced that transport, logistics and mobility is in need for strong collaborative tools.