Transport Management en Fleet Management

Efficiënt logistic solutions for the transport company leads to better administration, monitoring and quality.

A transport management system, a unique telematics solutions and order sharing platform enhances the quality in your company and better service in relation to your client!

EuroTracs helps you by implementing the right tools by always taking care of your business process.  With eTrans and eMobile, our TMS and telematics solutions we offer the perfect combination to keep all your processes synchronised.  eConnect – by Logenios – offers you the best tools to share information with your subcontractors and client, to even offer more quality in the logistic chain.

Automation with eTrans TMS optimises your administration and efficiency

eTrans is suitable for every company that needs to manage and optimize the dispatching and execution of their transport orders in an efficient way. Based on 15 years of experience eTrans is a revolutionary solution based on the latest technology.

This software platform enables your company to enjoy all the benefits of our transport management system, without the need to invest in purchasing expensive software licenses and the related hardware infrastructure to run these applications over time.

eTrans is an online transport software, where your only pay for what you use. If you only communicate with a part of your fleet during a month, you will only pay for those vehicles which are actually used. eTrans tries to optimise transport management in every company in a financial transparent way without high initial investments.

A professional boardcomputer on your smartphone or tablet offering you state-of-the-art telematics functionalities

eMobile App is the on-board computer that supports your business and not an enhance message tool! When you use the flexibility and capabilities of this telematics solution, you keep control of your business.

eMobile will ensure that the business does not stop in the vehicle but even if the driver operates outside the cabine. For the transport and logistics sector, it is important to properly control both own drivers and subcontractors and must do so without sacrificing functionality and quality. That why today, flexible telematics solutions are needed to fulfill these needs.

But above all, our onboard computer works on a tablet or smartphone without the need in heavy investments, and you pay only when the telematics solution is used.

Easy information exchange with charters and real-time communication with your shippers

Manufacturers and transportation companies today choose to share orders with subcontractors and to collaborate more efficiently. It is therefore important to maintain an overview of the execution of their shipments in order to provide the same quality to their end customers. In addition, the transport company and its charters are expected to be flexible, because high stocks are no longer kept today.

The eConnect platform enables the shipper, carrier and charter to exchange orders in a universal way with the carrier, who has on itself the opportunity to do the same with his subcontractor. This way you are sure that the right information is shared through the logistic chain, and that information concerning the execution is updated in real-time.

Offer your subcontractors the right tools, and optimize your own and your clients’ process in real-time.

eConnect gives you the opportunity to let your carriers share in real-time positions and status information. This way you always know where your goods are located, which the ETA is at the various locations, and at what time the goods are loaded or delivered. This can be achieved through the integration of telematics data received by our carrier.

You make use of carriers which do not have an on-board computer? Then you can make the eConnect App available to them, during the timeframe of a shipment. With this app, they can provide you real-time updates from their mobile Phone:

  • the position of your goods;
  • ETA;
  • loading and unloading status;
  • messages concerning the loads;
  • send images concerning damage, accidents, ……

Along with eConnect, you always know what plays, and we enable you to improve your cooperation between shippers, carriers and subcontractors.