Real-time follow-up from your own back office software, or as a service to your customer!

The eConnect platform, which offers both functionality for multi-level order sharing and telematics independent monitoring of your shipments, provides additional functionality to make the integration or external monitoring of these assignments even easier.

Our platform ensures that you can integrate all events that are triggered by and for a shipment into your own back office applications or can consult very clearly and in detail via the eConnect portal.

But integration is usually a time-consuming job, or your customer also asks to be able to easily follow up the loads that you handle for him.

This can be done with eConnect! For each shipment that you follow with our control tower, you can easily integrate or share a monitoring screen with your customer or another party involved in the shipment.

Monitoring control tower

In this way, integration was never so simple, and also offers great added value to your logistics partners or customers.

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