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econnect order sharing

Exchange and real-time update of shipments in a uniform way.

Manufacturers and transportation companies today choose to share orders with subcontractors. It is therefore important to maintain an overview of the execution of their shipments in order to provide the same quality to their end customers. In addition, the transport company and its charters are expected to be flexible, because high stocks are no longer kept today.

The eConnect platform enables the shipper, carrier and charter to exchange orders in a universal way with the carrier, who has on itself the opportunity to do the same with his subcontractor. This way you are sure that the right information is shared through the logistic chain, and that information concerning the execution is updated in real-time.

Sharing of information in a uniform way optimises the administration of all involved parties, which minimises the chance of errors and increases the quality of service.

eConnect ensures that everyone can make a contribution to the progression of an order and to keep the states up-to-date. This way, various parties involved can carry out their own administration more efficiently.

Important advantages for shipper and carrier

  • Uniform sharing of trips with the various stakeholders throughout the supply chain;
  • Integration capabilities from and to the eConnect platform for monitoring your jobs, and the integration of statuses in your own platform;
  • Integration of telematics systems for automatic position allocation and messages from the on-board computer;
  • Offering a free, cross-platform app so that everyone – even the smallest carrier – helps you to optimize your process;
  • Pay only for what you use;
econnect app order tracking

No on-board computer and yet more quality!

Your vehicles do not have their own on-board computer? Your subcontractors do not have a telematics solution that can connect to your back office, so that they also help to provide instant information about your loads?

With the Logenios App we offer the solution! Let your drivers download the app on their smartphone and we inform you about:

  • the position of your goods;
  • loading status and unloading;
  • communicate with your carriers;
  • send images to injury, accident,…

Along with eConnect, your are in real-time control, and you improve cooperation with your shippers and subcontractors easily.

eConnect Collaboration and Monitoring Platform

eConnect is the shipment collaboration and monitoring platform, enabling logistics optimization