Order Exchange Gateway

Exchanging transport orders in a uniform way

With the eConnect Order Exchange Gateway you can manage transport orders through the eConnect platform and assign these orders to selected hauliers or logistic companies.

Thanks to the multi-level order exchange platform, transport companies can easily engage subcontractors and still keep control over all their shipments.

Consignors, transport companies and consignees now have the opportunity to share orders and shipments with subcontractors and still keep an overview of their execution, thus ensuring optimum quality throughout the execution of a transport order. Besides, transport companies and their subcontractors must be increasingly flexible.

Using the eConnect platform, all actors within the logistic chain can exchange orders and status information in a universal way. eConnect makes sure that the right information is available within the entire supply chain and that the execution of an order is monitored and updated in real time.

Exchanging information among all parties is done in a uniform way, thus minimising the risk of errors and increasing the quality of service by optimising the relevant business processes..

The eConnect Order Exchange Gateway ensures that every party in an order execution process contributes to the proper processing of information and that everyone is permanently up-to-date. This way, errors are avoided and business processes checked more efficiently.


  • Independent of telematic system or on-board computer
  • Independent of TMS- or ERP-system
  • Easy integration
  • Multi-level exchange of shipments and orders
  • eConnect App for service providers without telematic system
  • Low initial investment
  • You only pay for what you actually use
  • Increased quality thanks to optimum cooperation between consignor, haulier and subcontractor

No telematic solution on board?

With the eConnect App status information on all trips to be performed – also from transport companies or subcontractors without on-board computer – can be exchanged in real time (positions, arrival and departure, beginning and end of action, ETA…). Logenios immediately integrates different transport companies, subcontractors or other service providers in the logistic chain, completely independently of a telematic solution.

“Both clients and carriers can at all times consult the status of a shipment. Deviations in the logistic chain can be visualised in the control centre, enabling each party involved to react swiftly. The quality of the cooperation and offered services can be optimised at all times because every activity is measurable.”

Christiaan Bert, Managing director