Transparent sharing and monitoring of shipments for the carrier

eConnect autonomously communicates data from the vehicle

eConnect offers logistic companies a central solution for the automatic monitoring of ongoing orders. They can keep clients informed in real time from start to delivery, for each trip and for each step within the logistic process.

Within the web-based eConnect platform, all tracking data and information on the status of a shipment are centralised and communicated to the parties involved.

With the eConnect platform, you no longer need to phone drivers for retrieving a status.

As eConnect always communicates the actual situation to your own software, you can continue to work within your familiar environment or you can decide to use our portal to check for active problems. Through an automated verification of planned and actual values, eConnect enables you to anticipate potential problems proactively.

Besides, you can at all times generate reports or consult dashboards so as to draw lessons from executed orders and adjust your business processes or to give adjusted instructions to your hauliers and render an even better quality of service to your clients.


  • Independent of telematic system or on-board computer
  • Independent of TMS- or ERP-system
  • Easy integration
  • Multi-level exchange of shipments and orders
  • eConnect App for service providers without telematic system
  • Low initial investment
  • You only pay for what you actually use
  • Increased quality thanks to optimum cooperation between consignor, haulier and subcontractor