More flexibility in the business processes of the recipient

eConnect communicates live information within the logistic chain

Through the eConnect platform, all stakeholders within the logistic chain are connected by information technology. Industrial, production and commercial companies, consignors and consignees and transport companies all communicate with one another in a uniform way.

All order-related information, actual statuses and communications can be visualised and automatically checked in real time through the control centre. The generated information is accessible for everyone in real time, deviations are immediately detected and reported through the system..

Measurment brings knowledge

For the receipient, this generates measurable added value: live information on the executed transport order creates more flexibility and enables them to swiftly adjust their production or process by reporting rapidly changing information in a timely manner to loading or unloading quays, warehouses or production units.

Next to this advantages, the recepeint and shipper can also evaluate the performance of the logistic operators they are working with, and learn for the evaluation of shipments, the occupancy of hubs to adjust businss processes.

  • Real-time informatie over posities, status en ETA
  • Uniforme status informatie
  • Geen fouten door uniforme ingave van informatie
  • Verwachte aankomsttijd op depot, laad- en losplaats
  • Low initial investment
  • You only pay for what you actually use
  • Increased quality thanks to optimum cooperation between consignor, haulier and subcontractor